Why can't sun protection be beautiful?

Welcome to my first words about how I became inspired to launch Aquacove®. It all began on holidays in Little Cove, Noosa while spending endless hours on the beach and in the pool with my two little boys and relying on them to help apply my sunscreen.  With a career in public health, I know how important prevention is and I was frustrated about the lack of stylish and reliable sun protection options available for women. I didn't want to wear an unflattering rash top like my kids and so it was a real barrier for me in taking better care of my skin.

At the time I was reading a book by Sheryl Sandberg'Lean In' (COO of Facebook). She asks her reader to consider "What would you do if you weren’t afraid? And then go and do it”.      So after a well considered design that would look and feel good on different body shapes,  sourcing high quality fabric from Italy with a UPF 50+ rating, and developing a campaign that celebrates real women & mums with real bodies,  I am very proud to launch the Aquacove® Swim Wrap for Summer 2013/2014. 

As a health expert I am even more aware about the harmful effects of the sun. It can take as little as 11 minutes for sunburn and irreversible damage to your skin to occur.  We see many people wearing a light cotton shirt or kaftan to cover up at the beach, but did you know it only provides protective factor of UPF 5? 

So next time you spend more than 11 minutes in the sun unprotected, think about what more you could do to keep your skin safer, healthy and younger.

Investing in prevention is much cheaper than treatment and the longer term damaging effects of sun exposure.

Aquacove® is a boutique label that is made in Australian to suit our outdoor lifestyle.  The Swim Wrap will keep you cosy and protected and always stylish at the beach, by the pool and everywhere else in between.

A big thanks to my mum for all of her love, support and belief in me. 

Wrap your skin and love your body this summer.

Best wishes